WebAR Video not working


Hello fellow Developers!

I was going through the Alpha Video Tutorial for displaying an Alpha Video in my project. Now when I preview it for the ZappAR App it works perfectly fine and starts the video with the “seen” event . But on WebAR I can’t see anything. My video doesn’t seem to launch. When I put a red plane on my Target image then that plane is displayed but now my video. Why does that code not work in the WebAR ?

Thank you for any help!


Hi @bruno.fischlin,

Is it just one device that you are having this problem with, if so, which device is this?

Do you also have the zapcode or ZPP of the project you are working on (if you are not comfortable sharing publicly, feel free to send it to support@zappar.com)?

I have done some testing and Alpha Video on WebAR seems to be working fine on Google Pixel 3 and iPhone X.




Hey thank you for Reaching out!

I used this Link ( https://webxr.run/a8LQ1zJMANX5W ) with a QR to access my latest build (which also has a button that should start the video and vibrate, which works when viewed on the Zappar App)

The Image Target I use would be:

I use a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and have tested it on other devices where it didn’t work either. But your example with the mexican Menu works perfectly fine.

Thank you very much


I also struggle to make any video work with WebAR.


me too
iphone 8 13.0
iphone 7 ios 12.0


Has anyone ever managed to insert a video in WebAR using ZapWorks?
Either local file or from url.


locally seems to work…


How do you do it? :slight_smile: When I use locally, webAR fails to load at all.


Never mind, I sorted this. :grinning:


Videos are displayed well when using the Designer tool.
In the case of using the video player in the Studio tool the video’s are not displayed.
When using WebAR


@George Any Help you could offer us ? =)


Hi guys,

We haven’t had any reported video issues (other than the ones above).

I’m going to look into this now and see if I can find out why this might be happening.

With streamed video, we recommend using HTTPS in both WebAR and the Zappar app (the latest version of Android (Pie) makes it mandatory).

Locally hosted video and alpha video should work on both the Zappar app and WebAR, but I am going to test and make sure this is still the case.

I’ll get back to you with my findings. :smiley:



Hey everyone,

I have created a quick experience which lets us test all types of videos in both the Zappar App and WebAR.

You can launch the experience here via one of the three triggers:

Zappar App




I have tested an iPhone 7 (OS 13), iPhone 8 (OS 12) and a Google Pixel 3 (Android 10). All the videos seem to be working correctly on these devices.

Please could you guys scan the WebAR trigger (doesn’t matter which) and check to see if the videos are working on the devices that you have previously explained you are having problems with.

If you are still having issues then let us know and we can look to fixing it. :smiley:

Hope this helps.



All videos play on my Samsung Galaxy s7 (with Android 8). A little slow and choppy but they play.



@George Thank you very much for looking into it and providing an example! All the things work on my smasung Galaxy S10+. I think the problem is how I start the video. Maybe that’s not properly working for me. I have a Script on my ImageTarget which tries to play the video on the “seen” method. My code looks like this:

var TestAlphaVideo = symbol.nodes.Video;

parent.on("seen", () => {

   // Runs when seen occurs on the parent node


parent.on("notseen", () => {

   // Runs when notseen occurs on the parent node


parent.on("show", () => {



parent.on("hide", () => {



When I test this with the Zapbar Code in the app it works perfectly fine. But when deployed and viewed on the web it doesn’t work. Do you see any problem with my method?

Thank you


when i use the link of alpha video tutorial

it working very well
but when i upload on my storage it can’t play


Hi @bruno.fischlin,

Can you make sure that the script is definitely a child of the target image. Similar to the first image below.

image image

@modi763, the URL needs to link directly to a video file as opposed to one uploaded to a video hosting site such as Vimeo or YouTube. The server hosting the video file also needs to support range requests in order for the video to play properly across all devices. We recommend using a CDN for faster, more scalable video serving e.g. AWS CloudFront or CloudFlare or Cyberduck


@George thanks for the Reply!

My hirarchy looks like this:


I also have a plane with an on click skript that should start the video but nothing happens. Works in the Zappar App too, but again not in WebAR


Could you send the ZPP of this file to support@zappar.com please @bruno.fischlin?

I’ll take a look and see if I can work out why this is happening.




I can send you my project that is a copy of zappar but with another video, for your review

3DVideo.zpp (1.0 MB)