Web AR video issue


Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to get video in 3d view working in webar at the moment.
It works completely fine in the zappar app but in web AR isn’t having any of it, the video is playing because i can hear the audio but it’s not displaying at all, it flashes up a black box the size of the plane that I’m using and then disappears.

I have looked at previous threads such as this one (WebAR Video not working) and couldn’t see a solution in there and the example that George posted doesn’t work for me either at the moment, here is the qr code the george posted on that thread it has the same issue of audio playing but no video displayed for me

also the zpp file from the top of this thread doesn’t work in web ar for me at the moment but is find in the app, Set an embedded video to play full screen in Studio

I’ve tested on google pixel 3a on using chrome and firefox and samsung s8 using chrome,

As i’m having issues with experiences created by Zappar I’m assuming it’s a bug? but in case it’s my bad coding here is a very basic zpp file I made using the guidance (https://docs.zap.works/studio/video/video-in-the-3D-view/ ) i can hear the sound playing but the video just flashes a black box and then disappears

video test.zpp (16.9 MB)

Thanks in advance for any help,


EDIT: here is a screen cast of what I am seeing, it didn’t capture my device audio but there is sound playing: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnkFO9nCzoMlyTVINzvE6eqZxoSI?e=xAyop1


Hi Tom!

This is very strange. Both the QR code attached and ZPP Studio project are both working as expected for me (Samsung S10 Chrome).

I’m going to ask the QA team to test these devices mentioned and get back to you with their findings!

The setup of the ZPP is great by the way, so it should work across all devices.

Will add to this thread when we’ve done some more testing.



Hi, George,
this issue of web AR videos is a little bit exhausting.
Granted, streaming video needs to have a certain setting in the CORS permissions to work and that’s fine. But from my experience I can say that if there is more than one embedded mp4 in the project, or a videoplayer plus another embeddad video, one of them either has no audio or doesn’t work. The solution is to put each video contribution in a subsymbol and run it from there and not from the parent. The example you posted for example with my Oneplus 6 Android does not show the streaming alpha video, while with an old Iphone 6 they show but there is no audio.
I attach screenshot of the Android. We should clarify this issue once and for all because nowadays people mostly use webar and customers demand more and more video content…
Thank you