Multi-Tracking Image Experience

I have been asked but some about my entry so I have made a simple version of my ancient history competition entry. I have notes that I hope will make sense. Feel free to ask any questions.


Ps. Had to upload it to my website.
Multi Tracking Image.zpp


Sorry link fixed.

Hey @stevesanerd,

Do u have any example of how to properly use it? This looks amazing! Congratz nice work!


att, Higão.

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Hey Steve, thanks so much for sharing. I think it would be really valuable if you could provide a bit more information about how to turn it into project, perhaps a few step by steps?


Thank you all. I will be putting something together hopefully soon. I’m going on holiday next week and have a lot to do before we leave.
I would like to make a video walk thru. It may not be till I get back. I did place notes in the coding.

Quick tips.
Add the tracking images you would like to use like normal. Add them to the first array.
The array(0) is the first scanned. The first run variable lock it to that image till changed. This will help to make the user read help info. Change to let the auto scan run.
The array (1) if you want the first scanned image to be rescanable you must add it a 2nd time here.
If not then add the next tracking image.

The next array is for the worlds. I have 2 in the demo. The first is for the first scanned. Next us would 2. You can add more groups just set every to relative to the group it’s in.
Array (0) like the tracking array is for the first scan And array (1) also.

The scan group is what is displayed when its scanning for tracking images.

The code runs at 1 sec scan per tracking image.
If you add more there is a every command that needs to be updated. Read the note in the code.

Ps. Sorry writing this on my phone so I don’t have my code up to give more details.


Nice one Steve, thanks for that. I will check it out a bit later on.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Hello Steve,

Would it be possible to repost the ZPP? The link doesn’t work anymore.


I don’t know why the link doesn’t work from the forms but the address is good.

If this doesn’t work copy and paste this address.

Hi Steve,

Never mind, I got it, I just had to use “Save link as…”.

Thank you! I look forward to exploring through your code :slightly_smiling_face:

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