Creating Scavenger Hunt using One Zapcode

Hi so I’m working on a project at work that involves using Zap studio. We’re having folks walk around the building and they will scan a Zapcode and then there will be a animation and text appear. They would then go to a different department and scan a Zapcode, the same one, and get a different animation and text.

The idea would be to get all the departments scanned and complete the hunt.

In testing using our targets, we’re noticing that the same images appear for all the targets which is weird to me since the targets are different.

In this happening, I learned that you had to setup Studio to handle multiple targets using code. I found the code via the forum by Steve Morrison which he created a way to handle multiple targets.

I believe I understand what is happening but still getting the same effect. I replaced the code with my targets and got something working but like I said, not the right way.

Is is possible to create what we want using Studio without the special code developed?

If we have to use the special code setup, what am I missing to make it work?

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So you are having the user use the same scancode to trigger different experiences? Are the users closing the first experience, going to the next department, then scanning the same code?

Yes, they will use the same scancode to have different experiences since the targets will be different and show different stuff at each department. It’s possible the users might close the Zapworks app on their phone then open it up again to start again by scanning the code but from what we wanted, based on the targets used, it would do it’s own internal switching on and off due to being different targets. Seen or not seen event system.

Hi @leonard_wedderburn,

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So whilst possible, multiple tracked experiences within ZapWorks Studio is not officially supported. You can do something like this at the top of your script to make it easier:

// Make sure ZapWorks Studio knows to detect multiple images

However, as it is not an official functionality, we tend to recommend deep linking for experiences like this.

You may find this post helpful in the meantime:

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