ZapWorks Halloween Competition Brief


Welcome to the ZapWorks 2017 Halloween competition! Read the brief below to find out what you’ll be creating for the chance to win $500.


Using ZapWorks Studio, we want you to build a Halloween themed AR experience using 2D animation or 3D models for the chance to win $500. For this experience, we want you to create something that takes our expert panel on a journey beyond the grave, which means pushing AR and ZapWorks Studio to its limits.

This could be a 3D animation or “photo feature” involving a ghoulish character, a mysterious mini-game, or an interactive 3D spooky scene that adds a new twist to the Halloween narrative.

With that in mind, you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing and think outside of the box to deliver something that will knock the socks off our panel of AR experts.

Judging criteria

Submissions will be judged on the creativity and quality of experience created. Our judges are looking for something that not only shows a high degree of skill and expertise, but also an experience that adds a unique twist to the Halloween genre.

Entrants will be judged on:

  • Complexity - how complex the project is, scripting wise etc.
  • Tracking - how well the content tracks to the image.
  • Polish - SFX, nice animations, target events.
  • Assets - quality of the 3D model, 2D images/UI.
  • Call to action - quality of the call to action
  • Theme - how closely the theme of the competition has been followed

Your submission should include:

  • Add a new layer, functionality or interface to the experience
  • Incorporate a 2D or 3D element
  • Be activated off a target image
  • Include an element of interactivity using trigger regions
  • Include a call to action somewhere in the experience
  • Follow the Halloween theme
  • Be built in ZapWorks Studio (although you can use 3rd party tools to bring content into Studio)

Bonus points will be awarded for:

  • Narrative structure - how effectively the experience tells a story
  • Hidden secret or surprise within the experience
  • Documenting your progress in a WIP (Work In Progress) topic on the forum


$500 will be awarded to the most innovative, engaging and immersive AR experience created. Winners will be chosen by our in-house panel of AR experts.

  • 1st: $500 PLUS a ZapBox
  • 2nd: $250 PLUS a ZapBox
  • 3rd: $150 PLUS ZapBox

Types of experience

Just some of the experiences you could create…

  • Mini-game
  • 2D or 3D animation
  • Photo feature
  • Short form interactive AR story
  • 3D character
  • Halloween treasure hunt
  • 3D Halloween haunted house scene

The Panel

We’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable people in AR from the Zappar team to rate and review your submissions. These are, Connell Gauld, co-founder & CTO at Zappar, Simon Taylor, co-founder & Research Director and creator of ZapBox, and last but not least, Keith Curtin, US VP of Business Development at Zappar, #1 AR/VR influencer and Samsung Ambassador.

Project Assets

Discover where to source assets for your competition entry.


Visit our ZapWorks Documentation site for further information on how to use ZapWorks Studio.


We have a ZapWorks Studio Tutorials to help you get setup with ZapWorks Studio.

Download ZapWorks Studio

Get started on your Halloween creation! Download ZapWorks Studio

How to enter

Submit your target image to the competition submissions topic by Sunday, October 29th to be in with a chance of winning.

Competition deadline extended to Tuesday, 31st October

Earn extra points!

Increase your chances of winning by hiding a secret or surprise within your AR experience, waiting to be stumbled upon. Also, documenting your progress in a WIP (Work In Progress) topic on the Forum will get you some extra points!

Good luck…and happy zapping!

Competition rules

Please read the competition rules carefully before entering the competition.

Target Image

All entrants can create their own target image or use the one provided below (remember to include your zapcode and call-to-action instructions on your target image)



Hi, My trial has expired and the $45/month is something I am not ready to pay for this competition. If you can give me a free month or two, I will be able to build pour TowerCraft AR game work with Zappar and customize for Haloween…

Hi there,

I have sent you an email in reply.