Windows Webcam in Unity


Hi! new to zappar, just got the examples from github, the face tracking examples are not starting the webcam, not sure if I need to add something first to make it work with play.

I´m on windows… tested in 2019 and 2020


Hi @parsec3d,

The Windows Unity package doesn’t currently allow for testing in play mode. You will need to build your project and host it locally to test. More info here -

Windows play mode testing for face tracked experiences is something that we are working hard on and will most likely be in the next release.



That seems reasonable, although I’m still having issues with the Android build having the same issue with the camera on the device. I also tried the workflow involving using the CLI tool to serve a local build of the WebGL version with no results.

In both cases the camera input wasn’t visible, although in the locally hosted WebGL build the project just rendered a grey screen.


Thanks for the added information.

I’ve replied on this thread here -


Ahh sorry about that! I was typing up a response before I even confirmed I was in the right thread! I’ll give your suggestion a shot.



Please also make sure you have the most up to date package downloaded. You can get it here -