Simple target signs


I am want to create something very simple. I have real signs in a public park. I have the sign images and can “train” them as targets. I would simply like when a target is “seen” to overlay one or more arrow overlays that point to objects in the camera view.

What is the best way to go about this? Thanks!


Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch.

There’s a few things to watch out for with the experience you’ve described:

  • A normal sign won’t provide sufficient contrast and detail to function as an effective tracking image, leading to jitter.

  • Using the signs as tracking images would require you to add zapcodes to the physical signs themselves.

  • Only one tracking image is recognised per experience, the app won’t be able to transition between displaying content from one tracking image to another. There is a possible workaround described in this thread, but it requires a substantial amount of coding.

  • Lastly, the Zappar app does not recognise and track real-world objects, so your on-screen arrows won’t necessarily point to the object you’d like, depending on the user’s position when scanning.

In regards to your ‘target being seen’ functionality, in Studio you can use a target image node’s ‘onseen’ script to define any actions that should occur when the target image comes into view.

Hope this helps, all the best.


thanks for all above