Help. is this possible?

I need help on this, im new and i cant explain on text the things i need to do so i have to upload a video for reference…

• will it be possible to recognize 2 objects but not at the same time…

It is possible, though it’s a little bit advanced and involves a bit of scripting. More info here: Multiple image tracking

thank you for your response, i am desperate, i want to see the zpp, he had uploaded
but it wont let me download?

i was able to download those files but sadly it doesnt make any sense to me… =/ i wish an easier code would be able to address my issue…

anyway, if i cant find any options for this, then i might as well look for another ar builder studio

Hi @fernandezmaxwell2k14!

Yes, @howiemnet is right - this isn’t officially supported in Studio, so it is currently an advanced feature and requires some custom implementation. You can find an example on the forum here:

This sort of thing is easier developed using on of our Universal AR SDKs - we actually have an example of this very functionality here; so if you’re comfortable with programming, or one of the libraries Universal AR supports, you can try to create this behaviour yourself.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:

thtats good news, but still i dont think we will be able to do it when coding, im not a bit of a coder but more of a front end web developer so i dont have much experience on coding and programming… =/ would have prefer a drag and drop and minimal coding…

anyway, how do i do about the libraries Universal AR Supports? is it possible to be imported to the zapworks studio and just work from there?

(sorry this is my day 1, and it might be a newbie question, but please do patiently answer me cause i need answers. thank you)

Hi @fernandezmaxwell2k14!

It’s great that you are using the resources available to you! :tada:

To answer your question about Universal AR - they are a separate product and so cannot be combined with Studio. If we were to think about this in web-terms, they are used as if you were to add a library to your own project - such as you would with JavaScript or jQuery for example. We have a list of web-library focused Universal AR SDKs here (and there is a JavaScript version here!).

We also have a full Universal AR video guide here. :smile:

If you’d like to link between multiple experiences using ZapWorks Studio, the recommended method is to use deep-links. Using deep-links you can launch a second experience from your first experience. You can refer to this article from our documentation for more information:

Have a lovely day,
Francesca :blush:


thank you for all the knowledge and ideas you have shared, the deep links does give hope, but anyway… another question…

there was an option to like Publish to mobile app or web browser what is the scope of these? is it only one experience, or can i put multiple experience (all the experiences i have made) on one app.