Lighting and Texture issue


Hey so I’m having trouble importing my 3d models into my project. I’m using C4D and exporting OBJs. When I import the MTL and OBJ into studio the import window doesn’t give me the option to link to any textures. My 3d models are black and the only way to add color to them is the simulate light option in studio. However when I preview my project the models are still black.

Is there a tutorial or can someone explain how to export objs and textures from C4D.

Also, is there a way for the simulated light in studio to be on when I publish and preview my project.

Thank you


Hi @c.schlenker,

I replied to a support email from someone at Eastman’s with a very similar question.

In case my reply didn’t reach you, or if it helps anyone else out:

It seems your textures may not have been linked to your model’s UV before exporting, which is why they aren’t being picked up by Studio.

If you link the textures to the UV within your 3D software and re-export the model it should work as expected.

This forum post may help.

The simulated light option only simulates light within Studio’s environment, so this won’t translate over to the scanned experience. You can add your own lights to the scene, which also has the benefit of giving you greater control over its appearance.

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