Help with developing a web AR solution with multiple markers

I have been trying to develop a Web AR solution with Zapworks Studio. It will contain 4 different markers (image targets) and if scan is successful each marker will play different videos. If scanned together it will play one of the videos on one of the markers. While implementing it, the video player only supported playing one video properly on the first marker and it didn’t work for the other markers. Then I tried implementing image sequence instead of videos, but the key frame is not working properly. I work in a very small company in a third world country and I’m working on the free trial version. Is there any way I can implement this behavior, playing videos over multiple markers? It would be really helpful if you could guide me towards the right path.

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It sounds like you’re trying to have multiple tracking images in a single experience, correct? That feature is not officially supported by ZapWorks yet, and requires a bit of a workaround. Other users have posted solutions to this on the forum, you might find this thread helpful:

I have successfully integrated multiple targets and while scanning all the targets are found. But I’m looking for a solution to play individual videos on top of them. For the first scanned marker the video is playing properly, but for the next scanned markers the videos don’t play (sometimes only the audio plays, but not the video). I have tried alternatively with png sequences, but that is not working either. Can you please let me know if I can do it in any other way?

Hmmm. It’s hard to give advice without seeing the project. Does each instance of the video player truly have a video assigned? I’ve also linked some links that might help some.

Should I attach the project here? Yes, each video player has a video assigned and they’re supposed to play on different trained images

Hi @samin.singularity,

I believe that I have been in touch via email, but just in case this helps anybody - I’ve created a quick, rudimentary example of the sort of thing you may be looking for.

I hope you find the Multiple-Image-Tracking-Demo.zpp (6.1 MB) helpful! :muscle: This is a ZapWorks Studio .ZPP which has support for multiple images and differing videos which play on separate targets, using a mix of script and Controllers and States.

Again, this is a very basic example for a functionality that is not officially supported by ZapWorks Studio. If you want to have more than one target in one whole experience, we recommend deep linking or using the Universal AR SDKs.

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