Multiple tracking images using by a single code


Like to know how multiple tracking images that are ‘unlocked’ by a single code


Here is the post where I shared the coding I used for my Ancient History Competition.

There was also so some other good posts and sample code on this post.

If you go down to the end Simon posted that zappar has added some support for multiple tracking images.

Here is a demo that the zappar guys had at there last conference.
Hope they don’t get mad I’m posting them :wink:
I do not have the coding for them.


Ancient History Competition Winner

Here is the original file I used to create the droid multitrack if your interested. I used the approach outlined in this thread, Problem publishing- trackers not working with Zappar app, that includes multiple targets in the hierarchy with the same zapcode.

MultipleTargets.zpp (30.5 MB)

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2 trigger photo's?
Not preloading symbols? ZapCode scanning from project to switch it on the scanned?

Really appreciated for giving full access to download ancient history project. There is also a video of explaining the breakdown of this project, but as a beginner when I opened project in my computer none is synced with appropriate texture. I have everything in folder but do not know what to connect to which one.
If your team can make a simple tutorial from scratch on this topic, that would be a trending video in Zapworks forum.


That was yours!! I asked the guys if I could get a copy of the code!
This way is so much faster!!