Designer: Fill screen with image / photo album


Hello -
I see some older posts on this but wanted to bring the topic up in case a solution has been created since the last posts.

I am using designer and in one of the scenes, use a photo album and want a user to be able to zoom in / zoom out in the experience like they are used to with any other pic or text on an iPhone.

  1. Can this be done in designer, if so, how?
  2. Can this be done in studio?


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I’m open to doing this through the normal photo attribute (doesn’t have to be photo album) but looking for how to resize without moving the cam in / out over the target.


Hi @bakke25951,

I’ve just replied to you on the Technical Webinar Series thread but just popping the link to the video in which this is answered here as well, in case any of our other users find this thread.

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Thank you for answering my question. I have some work to do in studio. Is there a way to import a project you have from designer into studio?