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Want to ask in advance of this week’s session this is the place!

Session dates:

9th April 4pm

23rd April 4pm

7th May 4pm

21st May 4pm

4th June 4pm

18th June 4pm

2nd July 4pm

16th July 4pm

30th July 3:30pm

13th August 4pm

27the August 4pm

ZapWorks Technical Webinar Series

Hi Grace!

Looking forward to these sessions! I’m abit of a newbie so I don’t have any proper questions yet, so I thought I’d ask a fun and unrelated question to start the Q&A session. Do you have an innie or outie belly button? :grinning:



Hi Jenny!

Glad to hear you’re excited for the Q&A :slight_smile: We hope you find the session helpful!



Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the technical difficulties!

We will be having a new Q&A session tomorrow Friday 24th at 11am.


Hi - I’m not able to attend since this is at 4AM local time. I have a question posted to the forum: Designer: Fill screen with image / photo album

Is it possible to get this addressed during the session? Looking for the best way to fill the device screen with the doc / photo. Doesn’t appear from past posts (quite a while ago) that you can not zoom in / out but wanted an update.



Hey @bakke25951,

Thanks for submitting your question, we’ll be sure to answer it in the Q&A session. Feel free to pop any others you might have on this thread too.

All the best,


Thanks, Seb - did the session get recorded? I checked YouTube ( and didn’t see any content.



I do see what i think is a newly enabled attribute under Actions -> On Tap -> Enlarge. That helps - is there a way to set how large the image expands?


Hi Seb -
Did the live session occur? Is there a recording where i can find the answer to my zoom in / out topic?



Hi Brian,

We did indeed host the Q&A last week, here’s a link to the video (I’ve linked the point at which @George answers your question for convenience).

As a note to everyone, you’ll be able to access the Q&A recordings from our YouTube page. If you use the search term ZapWorks AR Live Technical Q&A it’ll narrow down the results accordingly.

Any other questions feel free to give us a shout.

All the best,