Center screen content Tracking tutorial


Can anyone direct me to where I can learn to center screen content tracking unseen tutorial I have looked at the events tutorial but I am still lost , I am new to coding and I know I am missing a step but I can’t figure it out can some one please help?

Multiple videos individually triggered by buttons
Autoplay video with image tracking

That’s a little harder to do. because it’s based on the device screen size.
This may help you. UI Coordinates



I think I mean I am trying to do the off screen image tracking maybe its not called center screen
I just want to have my image target play when target off screen.


This is what you’re looking for right?

Where your info moves from the target image to the screen if not seen.
If so you want relativeTo

There’s an example project in ZapWorks Studio that shows this behaviour in action called “Tracking Grab-and-Go”.

Info under the link from last post.



yes that’s what I am looking for I have I opened the example and tried to follow along ill go thru it again I am sure I missed something.


There was a video that went with it but when they updated them they took it off there youtube page.

Let me know if you need more help.



Thank you.


I got the Tracking grab and go sample and followed the steps but still could not get it to work
can I send you the zpp file so you can see what I am doing or not doing.


Feel free to send it!



Attached is a grab and go example for Studio. A few things to look at that make this work:

  1. The states at the bottom called seen and not seen
  2. Setting your objects to be relative to Z.screen (bottom of the properties)
  3. Adding actions that call your states. you will need to use the On Seen and On Not Seen actions(select the .zpt file in your hierarchy then the Add button to see these options)
  4. Assign the “seen” and “notSeen” states to the “On Seen” and “On Not Seen” actions respectively
  5. Preview and see it in action

This gets you the grab and go feature in studio with no code. Good luck.

Studio_Grab-and-Go_Example.zpp (61.2 KB)


Thank you I will Try it tonight I will tell you the results.


I found the old video I was looking for with help from @George