Can not import 3D After Recent Update


fbx and obj import were working great until recent update. Previously imported models still work but not new imports… anybody else seeing this. Thanks!


Since Studio 5, we also see bugs in POD import, even on simple planes created in Maya.
After importing the pod (and its texture), the object appears in the “Symbol Definitions” area, but it is often underlined in red (which means “problem”).
The workaround is easy : double-click on that symbol, then click on its name on top of the window to get back to standard view.


Hey @order,

We received your support ticket and have replied through that channel.

I’ll post any relevant updates to the issue back on this thread.

All the best,


I am having the same issue as 'order". A POD file imported perfectly before update and now trying to bring that same file in to the updated software I am prompted to name the file etc but once completed I only get a blank screen. Is there any additional information since last post.



Hi @luke,

Sometimes when importing objects, if you keep the material import settings as the standard ‘Unit Material’ then the object does not appear in the preview and when fully imported.

It may help if you change the material that is being used to one of the other settings:
• Standard Lighting Material
• Toon Material
• Physically based rendering material

When you get to the import 3D screen do you see a preview of the object or is it blank?




Hi George,

Changing the material to Physically Based has fixed the issue.

Many thanks!