My model doesn't show up after i import it into ZapWorks Studio


I have been working with this project for so long. I think my model fits with all of the studio requiements: no bigger than 100K, .FBX file, and everything. After i import my model and textures into the library it doesn’t show anything. when i click finished and drag it from the symbol definition into the root node it also doesn’t show anything

here’s the link to where i keep my model. the model that i use is named “topominicenter” and “gicminicenter”

Can anybody try it and see if the problems happen as well. What should i do to make it work.

Can not import 3D After Recent Update

It’s because your model is soooo huge… A scale 1:1 terrain?
Anyways, you should edit the model: remove all the unnecessary levels of folders, and set a smaller scale to the VElev005 3D model (ie 0.01)


thanks man


@jvouillon always delivers :sweat_smile:.


Thanks James!:blush: