3D interaction


Hello again everybody,

I was just looking for a way of doing a better interaction with the 3D (click), so I just contemplated that none of my tries of doing it, was good enough.

First I tried to create a cube with planes but the action button wasn’t good because I had to instance it as a button symbol for example.

Second I tried with triggers and also was bad because triggers just interact with other objects.

And the better and only way that I’ve found and always used: Photo Sphere.

So I have to ask, is there any other way of doing it? Is there any plan of insert in Zappar an object or function that let the 3D object being clicklabe?

I think this would be very cool and help a lot people who wants to have better interactive scenes. Also I have to say that a long time ago I saw a project from Zappar Team which calls Pez Play and has a planet with lots of clicklabe areas. Is there any problem know how it was done? :smiley:

P.S: I don’t know if this is a question about studio or a request xD

att, Higão.


Hi @higor,

You are correct in thinking that 3D Models cannot be interacted with directly.

What we do instead is create an invisible plane (opacity value set to 0) that is roughly the same size as the 3D model. A new pointer down, intersection enter or trigger enter script is then added to the plane making it ‘clickable’.

Because the plane is a 2D object there is an issue that occurs when the user rotates around it and tries to interact with the back side. To remove this issue occurring we add the plane to a billboard making it always face the screen so the back side is never visible. An example of setting up a billboard can be seen here -

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Thanks for answer me @George,

I already know this method and I think it is the most commom. I really prefer to use the photosphere because of the way that the project is build I really expected that had somehow make a 3D clicklabe without have to do this kinds of methods :c But is okay.

Thanks again, George,

att, Higão.


So like this I can make several planes to interact with particular parts of a 3d object?


Hello @avicrest,

Yes you can do it. How I said above, I really prefer to use photosphere for 3D cases. I think it gives a better contact area for the user and also is easier to work when you have an especific points to has interaction.

The only problem I had with it, is when you have a 3D sphere like a planet for example and has multiple places to do an interaction point, because I can put one in a X point but when I rotate and gets behind this X point, I can still clickate on it, even when it is rotated.

att, Higão.


Yeah, spheres can work even better, I was thinking about different parts of a character, like face, hands, pockets, etc.


Hello @avicrest

In this case, all you got to do is suit your spheres into your character’s body. When you are creating it, is a little bit weird but when you test, it works very well. I say this cause I already did body interactions with a sphere xD

P.S: In this case I found very bad the result with planes and also I had problems to suit the plane on the body.

att, Higão.


Thanks for the tips!!!


No problem @avicrest, hope you can get the result you want!