3D environment Focus problem

Hi guys! - I have been playing with ZapWorks Studio for a couple of weeks and I love it!

For now, I’m working on a 3D environment with a raycaster to interact with objects. Everything is fine, but with the headset mode on, I have noticed something a bit uncomfortable with the crosshair (used for the raycaster):

If the 3D object I’m aiming at is close, because my eyes are focusing on it, the crosshair become “out of focus” I see it double… ( no, I didn’t drink… :smile: )

I have tried to move the crosshair along the Z.camera axis to the distance of the intersection, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Is there a solution?


Hi Jean,

It’s great to hear you’ve been enjoying Studio!

I’ll need to have a closer look at your project in order to determine what might be causing the blur issue.

Could you send it over to support@zappar.com please? I’ll have a look at the project and update you through that channel.


Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for your answer. But there is nothing wrong with Zapworks, it’s more a problem with my brain and my eyes! :slight_smile:

Here some images to explain the “problem”:


We can see the 3D environment and the raycaster blue crosshair.
When looking through the headest you get something like that:


( I have mixed the right and left images to simulate what we actually see )
Nothing wrong here.

Now, looking at something close (big shift in the perspective between the 2 images):


What we see in the headset:


Because the eyes are focusing on the foreground, the crosshair appear double…

Thanks anyways,

This looks really cool! I hope you post the finished game later.


Hi Steve,
Glad you like it. I have just posted the project here:

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I will go take a look!!