Home of Tron

Hi guys, here it is my entry for the competition.

It’s a micro game based on the Movie “Tron Legacy”. The goal is to access the secret lab and enter the password into the computer in order to be freed. End of story! :slight_smile:

Of course, my purpose was more about learning about Zapworks: 3D environment with animation, audio, raycaster, VR headset, orientation, etc.

It’s really amazing to see what you can do with Studio!



WOW!!! Love it!!

Have to ask is it a 3d game map that you are moving thru? or is it just planes with images to look that way?
Also it loads real fast. Any pointers to how you did that? My ones get up to 15MB in size.


Thanks! :smile:

Is a complete 3D model, The main thing I did was to downsize drastically all the textures in order to have the experience as small as possible.

You can inspect the model on Sketchfab:

Did you make it or find it?
How did you downsize the textures?


I did it. But not for the competition of course! It was already done.:slight_smile:
Most of the elements were made with MoI3D, brought to Cheetah3D for UV mapping and animation then imported into Studio as FBX file.

For the textures, you have just to resize them with any image editor. For this scene, most of the textures are 2048x2048, but for the Zappar experience I went down to 512x512. When I was prompted by Studio to search for the textures, I simply choose the downsized copies of them.

So do you have another game somewhere with it? If so would love to see it.
I will have to play with Mol3D but looks like Cheetah3D is only for the Mac and I’m on a pc. :frowning:
I’m going to go thru all my texters and see what I can drop down in size.


Haha, not yet! :smile: But the next one will be with this house:

For 3D, you have also Blender, a great and free software.

I do use Blender and my son is in school so he got me 3ds Max 2018.

I like your house! I may have something you my like to use take a look.



Hey @jvouillon Great experience its really well textured, and I love the tron-retro feel, great job. A few of us found it a bit tricky to enter into the main room behind the double doors, there wasn’t much indication to how to get into it or that it was the objective. To go through I had to double tap on the warning poster above the door handles, not sure how this is possible in headset mode. Overal it looks great and will be looking forward to seeing how well it does in the competition!

Hi @joe, glad you like it.

Yes, you are right, it is not very obvious. The idea is that once you get the keys you have just to tap on the handles to open the doors. In headset mode, the crosshair reacts visually when aiming at the handles, but nothing happen if you don’t have the keys.

In fact I’m more worried about the computer, and the way to enter and validate the password, which is even less obvious… I realize, that there is a kind of discrepancy for the interactivity…

Hi @jvouillon A fresh pair of eyes always helps.

Usually colour coding the objectives, or using the lightest points of the map are great ways to guide the player along each objective.
I look forward to seeing how you tackle these challenges!

Also forgot to mention, your model in sketchfab looks really awesome!

Thank you sooooooo much for the info on changing the image size!!!
I got my upload from 12mb down to 3.6mb!


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You’re very welcome! :smile:
I’m glad I could help. Hope to see your experience!

Hey jvouillon,

I’ve played your experience a couple times now. I have to say, it’s very clear a lot of hard work and care went into both the modeling and the soundscape.

However I haven’t figured out what to do once I’m in main chamber. I assume from a previous post there is still more I can do besides look around.

Also I have no idea what that note under the door says. If the note stayed in the players vision longer, or there was some way to review your inventory it would really help.

Great job overall. I look forward to any updates, or future experiences you make.

Hi Bradley,

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Yes, it is not very obvious… The note is in fact a password ( from Tron 1982 ) you have to enter into the computer to exit the experience. So you must “sweep” the dust from the touch screen ( like in Tron 2010 ), enter the password ( tap/aim the keyboard ) then validate ( tap/aim the enter key ) - Of course these last 2 actions cannot be done if you have not found the note. :slight_smile: