Videoplayer issues on some devices?


Hey everyone,

Our client is reporting issues with playing videos on a Samsung Galaxy S7. I’m curious if anyone else has observed such problems? Unfortunately we don’t have an S7 at our office so it’s hard for me to debug this issue which lead me to ask around if anyone else has bumped into this one.

We are using a customized version of the videoplayer subsymbol included with Studio and it’s of course possible that the issue is caused by our changes. I will ask our client to test out a version with the vanilla version to figure out if that’s a cause.


I believe the issue lies in our custom version of the videoplayer. We added masking support to it for some nice rounded corners, but apparently also broke compatability with some devices. Will investigate further!


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We’re not aware of video player issues specific to that device.

Would you be able to send a zpp over to support for us to take a closer look at please?

You can export the video player symbol and strip out any sensitive client content if necessary.

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Hey @Seb,

Sent zpp over to


Thanks @slothling,

I’ve replied to your email, and will let you know of any updates through that channel.

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