Universal AR

A place to share your Universal AR projects with the community, or ask questions about the computer vision libraries and SDKs provided by Universal AR.

General Discussion

Let's chat about all things ZapWorks, AR, VR and MR.


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Show off your best zaps and concepts.

Free Assets

Free assets to help get you started creating awesome experiences!

Tutorials (Beta)

Occasionally we will post tutorials here that are ready for testing. If you would like to try them out, then feel free to follow along. Make sure to give us your feedback!


ZapWorks is all about great tools for building content, use this section for questions about the tools and how to use them.

Known Issues

Reported issues with the tools that we are aware of and are on the roadmap to be fixed. Workarounds are offered where possible.


The fantastically accessible Mixed Reality kit including point codes and controllers - all made from cardboard.

Tutorial Requests

Request step by step and video tutorials

Feature Requests

Thought of a great new feature? Let us know in here!