Studio 5 Error


I installed Studio 5 on my windows 10 machine. When I try to create a new project this error appears, or rather does not appear. I choose the project type then a box pulls up with the message "The Following Error Occurred: " then no error is listed. Just an empty box. Any thoughts?



Hi @destery!

We’ve just pushed an update live (5.0.14) that should fix this up for you. Your version of Studio should autoupdate to the latest version when you open it (you can check progress in the About dialog). If not you can always grab it again from

Let us know if that sorts it out :slight_smile:



Hay @connell,

I have a 2nd one for you. When I was setting up a Photo Sphere with a Camera Transform. I changed the Relative To setting to by mistake. When I tested it would crash the app and hang the Pc zapper.



Hi @stevesanerd,

Hope you’re well.

Could you send through a project containing the issue over to please?

We’ll be able to take a closer look at it from there.



Hay @Seb
I did a week ago. Didn’t hear anything back. Would you like me to resend it?



Hey @stevesanerd,

Apologies for that, it doesn’t seem to have come through on our system.

Could you please resend?






@connell My apologies for not getting back to this earlier. The update solved the issue. Thank you for your help.