Photo Sphere control


Hello everyone;
I wish I could create a photo sphere that could be controlled by the finger and not by the orientation of the phone and so give the choice to users between the finger or the gyroscope.
I tried something with this code but it is idling, maybe a speed multiplier would be the solution?

symbol.nodes.Photo_Sphere.on(“pointermove”, (e) => {
// Runs when pointerdown occurs on the Photo Sphere node
var photoSphere = symbol.nodes.Photo_Sphere;
var fingerRotation = e.localPosition;



Hey @benjamin,
Sounds like an interesting concept.
Could there be arrows(invisible) to control the sphere with controller/states?
I know you can change position of a photosphere. Maybe just try controlling the rotation?
That’s my best guess.


Thank you,

I tried a similar method. But it was not very intuitive to use. Or I dont get it wrong.


I taught my self the basics by controlling the swapping of photospheres on this tutorial.

It helped me build the basics of using a button to control position of photosphere.
Give it a shot & share what you learn.
I’m interested in what you are creating with this concept.