Normal Map issue


I’m experimenting using the Physically Based Materials. However, when I put my normal map into the normal map slot, instead of creating a bumpy surface, I get this gray wash over the entire 3D model (see screen shot). Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue?



Hi @kcapizzi,

Could you please send through your model and textures to for me to have a closer look at?



Thanks for the reply, Sebastian. I’ve sent you an email with the requested files…


Hi @kcapizzi,

Thanks for sending those through.

I’ve had a look at the file and it seems that the model may not have had its texture channels set up correctly.

As per the screenshot below, the model only has a single texture channel, which is attached to a texture file that doesn’t match any of the texture files you’re assigning to the model (Gray_texture.png) in your screenshot.


Assigning the normal, specular etc. maps to the model from within the subsymbol won’t work, as the model itself hasn’t been exported with those texture channels.

To fix this, you can open the model in your 3D software and attach your texture files to the model’s relevant texture channels, before re-exporting.

In regards to your texture files, height maps aren’t currently supported by Studio.

Lastly, in an emissive map black signifies areas of the surface which should not appear emissive.

Therefore, by having a totally black emissive map, you’re saying that nothing should appear to emit light, in which case this texture file can be omitted entirely.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,


Thanks for your reply, very informative as I didn’t find any documentation yet on using PBR materials in Studio.

We’re currently experimenting using Substance Painter for creating the textures (otherwise we’re using 3DS Max). Do you have any recommendations or suggestions as to properly setting up a workflow through these programs so we get the proper exported channels?

Much appreciated!


I’m not very familiar with Substance Painter but Ed, one of our 3D artists, has offered the following workflow:

3DS MAX/Substance to Studio

Once the low poly model is created with UVs, export as .fbx
Start a new project in Substance and set to PBR Metal/Gloss workflow and OpenGL Normal Tangent Space.
Texture Model.

When ready to export textures consider the following:

Default Material:
Default Material only supports Diffuse and Opacity maps. Consider using the Baked Lighting material, to bake in specular and normal map details into a single diffuse texture.
Export Color map only.

Standard Lighting Material:
Export using the Spec Gloss from PBR Metal Rough Settings.

Exporting using PBR Metal Rough settings.

Apply materials to your model using the appropriate textures, before then exporting your model as an .fbx, with embedded media checked.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Thank you! Giving it a go now…


One other question –

Any suggestion on what shader to use in 3DS Max to apply the outputted materials from Substance Painter?


Maybe I spoke too soon, we’re trying an Arnold shader…


Exporting from Substance Painter with “PBR Metal Rough” preset, and even adding an ambient occlusion output to that, worked beautifully. We applied those maps to the General Physical Material shader in 3DS Max and exported it as an FBX and it worked beautifully… thanks for the help!



Looks great @kcapizzi!

Glad you managed to get it working :slight_smile: