MAC Mini Zappar's problem


Hello Everyone,

Last year I had this same problem and I still have it! When I open the Zappar in my Mac Mini, the plataform just feedback of a daisy message, like this:

EDIT: I reuploaded the print just down the page.

I do not know what to do and now with my computer broken, I have no how to use zappar :frowning:

Att, Higor.


Hi Higor,

I’m not able to see the image you uploaded, could you please try re-uploading it?

Could you please let me know which version of Studio you’re running?

The latest version is 5.0.15-stable Ella.



Hi @sebastian,

Thanks for awnsering. Yes I’m using the latest version of Zappar on MAC.
About the print…

att, Higor.


Thanks for sending that again @higor.

I’ve bumped the team on this issue and will let you know when I have an update from them.

Thanks again for your patience while we resolve this issue.

All the best,
Seb :slight_smile:


Hey @Seb,

Thanks a lot for taking a look into this problem. This is a very old problem that I’ve :confused:
But okay, I’ll be looking this post for news!

att, Higor.