Improved Analytics


Would be great if more details could be add to Zap-alytics so that it was more valuable. For instance, can more details around user location be provided than just the country? My target audience will ONLY be in one country, so this metric isn’t valuable… however, if it was able to drill down and provide the city within the country, that would be much more valuable!

Other improvements related to this:

  • Right now the ‘Time of Day’ widget shows no details for me…
  • the CSV reports could be improved to provide better information. Currently the formatting is wrong and shows #### for most columns.


Hi there,

Within zap-alytics, we don’t have a more accurate breakdown of location data beyond country because we don’t ask for the user’s location data in the Zappar app. This is deliberate as we want to keep the app lightweight, simple and not obtrusive.

With regards to the two points you’ve listed, could you please send us the URL to the statistics you encounter an issue with and let us know how to replicate (are you considering all your zapcodes or only one of them, and what’s the date range selected)?

Thanks :slight_smile: