Importing 3d models


Hi there

can anyone explain to me how to import 3D files into ZAPPAR? Even POD files are not showing up with textures. I Dnt Know what to do 

somebody help please


I found that it depends on what file your are using. If I use FBX files sometimes I would have to add the textures to the 3d file after it’s in zapper. so drag the file to the Media Library.
Media Library
After you will get a box to Name the 3d
Name 3d
After you will get a box to add textures and more

As you can see my 3d FBX file doesn’t have any textures listed to add but it has some so I just Finish.
Next open your 3d symbol you just added.
Symbol box
You can see the 3d ship but there isn’t any textures. FYI - I have had a 3d model not show at all till I add a texter.

Next I had to add 2 texture files to the top right.
Then click on the FBX file on the left and change the materials properties to the added textures I have. I had to do it more than one time for this FBX file.

I hope is helps you!


Thanks for that, Steve!
What do I do if there are no materials listed in the drop down?

UPDATE: Found it!! I had to drag in the texture.jpg file again into the media library, while I was in the symbol editor. Then I dragged it to the materials drop down, as it still wasn’t listed there. and woo, hoo! It worked. finally!


Glad to help!!
It took me a bit to get it as well.


Hi Steve,

Could you send in your 3D model to please?

I’d like to have a look into why the textures weren’t being detected.



It’s not the first time I have had a file that didn’t. I wasn’t to concerned about it. But if you would still like to see it let me know I send it.



Hey Steve,

It might help us to determine why certain models textures are recognized and others aren’t. If you could send any examples that have the problem that would be great :slight_smile:



Hi. I too have the same problem. I am unable to import .fbx files. i have attached fbx


Mark can you help me import this in Zapstudio



Wow your file is 216MB that’s very large!
I took me a bit to open it but I saw you using Materials. You need to use Textures.
I would look at the doc
3D Model Features and Limitations