How to Create a Button in 360 Degree Space


I’m new to Zappar Studio and haven’t found an example script or tutorial that does this. If one exists please let me know.

My goal is to use a tracking image to activate the script which will then simply supply a button that exists in 360 degree space. For example, the button would be 180 degrees from the direction of the tracking image which would make it behind the user. The user would then need to turn around pointing their phone 180 degrees away from the tracking image to be able to see the button and then press it. The button would appear to “float” on the screen and I would use a PNG file for the button image and the rest of the screen would contain the view of the real world environment viewed from the phone’s camera.

I’ve been able to create a simple button from a tracking image in a fixed location on the screen but not off screen so the phone can then rotate to find.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Dennis.

One thing to check is that the layerMode property for any media being used for a button in 360 space is set to full_3d and not overlay. Overlay is persistent over everything. Full 3D let’s you place it in space so it can be found as you describe.

Check out the photosphere tutorial they have on the site. It was super helpful for me when I started building these.

Hope that helps.