How long does a zapcode be active



I am creating a personal zapcode for which i added my zapcode to the tracking image.When i previewed the zapcode it said that this is a temporary zapcode and will be destroyed in five minutes.Can you please let me know how can I make a zapcode remain active for about 3 months.

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Hi Rohit,

Previewing is a way to quickly test an update you’ve made to a project, hence preview codes are only temporary. When you create and publish a code it will remain active until you either archive the code or your account is no longer active. For personal accounts, this is when you delete your account, for business accounts it’s deleting or removing all active seats.




I have created the attached zapcode WEDDING_INVITE (6)|500x500.It is taking too long to unlock and after unlocking it doesnt preview.Please help


Hi there,

The attachment doesn’t seem to work. Could you please email contact us at directly so that we can take a look at your project?




PFA the tracking image.Please do the needful.

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Hi again,

I have well received the email you sent through support and replied there.



Hi, same problem here, when I publish my zapwode it doesn’t unlock at all. I already send my problem to but I still dont have an answer. Its urgent please.


Hi there,

We’ve replied to your support email but I’ll explain the issue for the benefit of our other users here.

There were invisible characters in a few of the texts in the Designer scenes, which were preventing the experience from displaying correctly.

If you experience a similar issue you’ll need to scrub through your scenes and check your text, making sure to remove all of these invisible characters.

Thanks again for your patience.

All the best,