How do I fit screen a plane?


I need to have a plane that needs to be fit the device screen size. Basically the plane is always full screen on any device. Which property / properties shall I tweak and how to achieve this?

Also how do I place an object in a way that it is always centered on the screen (Regardless of screen size).

The co-ordinate system’s document is not enough. You guys need to extend the documentations with more texts, graphics and examples…


I maybe wrong but 0,0,0 should be center of all screens. And any object placed at it should be centered. Remember if you object size is say 1,1,1 and position is 0,0,0 then .5 of it will be on each side of the 0 center point.

.5. 0 .5

Sorry typed this on my phone.

As For a plane size you may need to do some coding and math to get the X sides. You can use the z.screenleft and z.screenrigh to find out what they are and then set the size to match.

The Y sides should be 1 and -1 So your scale size for Y sizing should be set at 2.

I haven’t played with that yet so I’m not sure of the codeing.

Now warning if you have a tracking image and it’s set to z. Camera it will change the size based on the zoom distance from the camera.

I hope this helps in some way.



Thanks Steve,

I can do that with code for sure, but it should be property settings in the software itself :slight_smile:



Hi Rakesh,

We have a couple of docs pages which you may find handy :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.