Functions near to JUnity in Zappar


Hello Everyone!

I want to know if does Zappar has any function that test other functions, just like JUnit does. And if there’s nothing like this, has somehow add this for the next Zappar’s Att?
Thx since now. Cya.

Higor : )


Hi Igor,

Unfortunately, ZapWorks Studio does not have any testing functionality at this point in time but I will pass it onto the platform team as a feature request.

We can’t guarantee when it would be implemented but I’ve moved this thread to the feature request section and we’ll update here with any additional information :slight_smile:



Hey Mark,

Thanks by giving me a feedback and really thx by move this to request site! If you guys implement this in any of the future Zappar’s Atts would be awesome because will make the game/project tests a lot easier! And yes, I’ll be alert by your future updates if there will be any bout’ this request!

Well thx again, Higor :smiley: