Function name()


Add a function that returns the name of a node. I would add this to Z.Node or Z.Object. Why? I want to iterate through a set of nodes that I got using a tag, for example. Then for each node I want to do some stuff but there are things that are particular to each node, so I need to check for an identifier, in this case, the name. The name is one of the properties of the node, you can usually access the name of something in any coding environment that has stuff with names.

Here’s a simple case where this is needed. I have a group with a bunch of nodes. For each of these nodes I have a timeline with the same name associated with it that I’d like to play. something like this:

const nodes = symbol.nodes.mygroup.children();
for (int i = 0; i < nodes.length; ++i) {

You can obviously just hardcode the names in the code but that’s not ideal.