Deep link says Zappar not installed even though it is


I wanted to test out the ‘Deep Link’ feature, so using my phone (Galaxy s7) I entered in the deeplink URL for my zapcode and it briefly came up saying ‘launching Zappar’ but then it just changed to a screen saying ‘get the app’ with a link to the Google Play store. I already have the app installed on my phone, so I’m not sure why I would be getting this screen… any thoughts?


Hi Mark,

Can I ask what browser you’re using to type in the deep link on your phone?



I had originally just used the native Android browser app, but also tried with Chrome and received the same result.


Hi Mark,

Having tested this issue on a number of android devices it seems to be specific to the browsers on Android, trying it from a native app such as Gmail the app was detected and opened correctly.

The issue doesn’t seem to affect iOS.

We’ll look into this and let you know when we make progress :slight_smile: