Creating models using Oculus Medium



I got set up with the Oculus Rift VR equipment the is past week and have installed the 3D sculpting app called Oculus Medium. I have played around with some of it’s features and have produced several very nice models which I have exported to OBJ with material in PNG. The models, however, do not appear in Zapworks Studio. I have selected a reduced number of triangles (10%) in order to keep filesize smaller and have set my texture material to 256x256. Could the reduced number of triangles be the reason the model does not display in Studio? Has anyone tried using this app (Oculus Medium) to create models? If so, what would be the ideal export settings for use in Studio?

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

I haven’t personally had a chance to use Oculus Medium, so unfortunately I can’t offer you much help on that end.

However, as with models created using other 3D modelling software, the models must adhere to the limitations outlined in the docs page below:

It’s always worth double checking in case something has been overlooked.

Also, it’s worth clarifying that Studio doesn’t support materials, only texture files.

If you’re using materials then this may be the cause of the issue.