Controllers & States Zappar Tutorial syntax is different than the actual syntax


Sorry for the noob question. OK in the ZapWorks Studio - Controllers & States Tutorial at the 5:40 playhead location the presented syntax in the tutorial is ‘different’ from what Zappar studio actually writes? The Tutorial steps still works, but is this because the tutorial was recordered on an earlier version of Zappar studio? I’m trying to follow using Zappar Studio 4.04
OR have I missed something? - Thanks for the assistance - Garry


I think so. I have seen it as well.



Yup. Older versions didn’t generate arrow functions. The end result is the same, just a different syntax.


Thanks. Makes it a little difficult to follow. But least i know. Garry


Hey Garry,

As you’ve correctly guessed this tutorial was filmed in an earlier version of ZapWorks Studio where the syntax was slightly different.

Whenever the platform gets an update we go through our existing videos and documentation to make sure that nothing breaks or is drastically different. In this case, it’s a minor syntactical change that, as you mentioned, still works when following along. In such cases, we leave the materials as they are.

Apologies for any confusion that was caused.