Buttons or menu that can control a 3d model


Im a aware of the soccer tut, but am looking if there is a tutorial with an on screen menu that allows the user to display informatiom about a 3d model.

Or manipulate the model (rotate, zoom, explode). Is there aomething along these line in the forums? Thanks


Hi Garry,

I would start here https://docs.zap.works/studio/subsymbols/templates/3d-photo-feature-symbol/. This sets up for a 3D photo feature and allows for someone to scan a trigger and pull up a 3D object and manipulate it. It’s essentially a selfie with a 3D object however as you dig in you can turn off the pieces that are not relevant or even unpack how it works and build on your own. That’s what I did anyway. Hope this helps with the manipulation piece. Sorry I don’t have anything to add on displaying info on a 3D model.



Thank you Destery. Will defiantly give it a go. Im trying to build a leaning resourse that allows students to bring a 3d version of the item they are studing and find out more about it. Cheers


Perhaps Sketchfab.com could fit your bill, in a very easy way?


Hello jvouillon, thanks for the in put. Im not sure it has the interactivty im seeking. If i want to rotate a model I could make model into an 3d PDF (it certainly would easier). Im trying to make the resource as self-paced as possible.


However, will certainly check out the new features. Thanks Garry


Great idea to get students engaged Garry. You could create the cards with information in another program, maybe Photoshop, then pull them into studio. Then create buttons that call the informational cards in studio. You could create as many button as you wanted to call as many cards as you want.

This has some of the elements you mentioned so check it out. Really cool and I think very manageable as far as time and effort.


Thank you Destery, any tips and pointers most welcome - really.

The widget approach has such a low learning curve (its great) but with no 3D capability and studio has the 3D capablity I need, but the learning curve is steep. I have 20 years in 3ds max, but little coding/scriping expierence so im stuck.

Im tring to employ someone to write the menu/3d tutorial i want…


No problem Garry. Studio is a little tricky especially when you want to do some more advanced things. I’m still learning as well. I’m an instructional designer by trade so designing tutorials/ instructions is in my wheelhouse. If you’d like we can set up a time to discuss further what your trying to accomplish with studio. I may be able to assist further.


Yes Destery, happy to discuss scope, functionally etc. Just PM me lets have a chat.

Cheers garry.hargreaves@live.com.au


Hi Destery, send me an email and we could scope up a 3d tutorial with menu.
Cheers Garry