Best way to show progress to a client?



what is the best way to show progress to a client? Or show a client an example piece of work.

Is the route to:

Get a Zapcode
Publish to that code?

If so what about future changes, additions and ammeds



Hi Pete,

I’m Max, Partnerships & Marketing Director at Zappar.

When working with our partners to show progress we do one of three things.

1. Iteratively publish to the zapcode that’s going to be used for the live campaign

The target image, with the zapcode that will be used for the live campaign, is circulated within the client’s organisation and we publish review builds of the AR to that code.

After a feedback round we update the zpp and then republish, to that same code.

One of the great things about instant publish with ZapWorks.

2. Per the above but with a “demo” code

If the code is on a high-profile product, say a Fanta can, sometimes client’s prefer to use a demo code rather than publishing work-in-progress builds to a code that’s out in the wild.

3. Video capture

We’ll occasionally take screen cap video of the AR being scanned and interacted with and share that.

If possible, option 1 is the most efficient and effective.

Hope that helps.




Hi Max

your intuition was correct it is a high profile client.

Hence the professional caution.

They want to deploy using a code from one of your brand partners.

I was concerned that once published it was tied to that zap code.

If doing 2 what is the best way forward?

Create Zap code
Create target image

Or is there another way?




Hey Peter,

Max is out the country currently so let me jump in here. The steps that you outlined there do sound logical to me. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it that way?

I appreciate that you have a high profile client, so if you prefer you can drop me an email on and we can get a call set up this afternoon to discuss if you need.



All sorted Chris. Thank you and guys for fantastic support.