Ar for Wedding Invitations


I have been working on AR for weddings. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks:-)



Hey, Milenne!

My name is Petra and I’m a UX designer here at Zappar.
The team and I were very impressed with how good your experience looks :slight_smile:
I love the choice of palette and iconography. Great work!

One thing I noticed was that the target is a bit wobbly. You can avoid this by upping the contrast of your image and adding a bit of detail on the white space around. You can always test how reliable your target is by giving it a quick run through the Designer tool ( :bulb: Create a new Designer project and upload your target. Our checker will tell you where there might be issues in just a few seconds. It’s super useful )

My second advice would be to think about the way your user is going to be interacting with the experience. Currently, when you click the on the information for the invitation, the information seems to be on a plane which doesn’t fit flat on the card, makes it kind of hard to read. Maybe give it position 0, 0, 0 and the correct proportions of the printed card. In addition, if you hide the pretty flowers whilst this info is on, I think it will be more readable.

Lastly, I’d change the music to something more uplifting maybe?

Great job anyways! Thank you for this.
All best from myself and the team. We’re looking forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:


Thank so much Petra and Zappar team for the feedback. I have done another iteration based on your comments and improved a lot.
I have also added the thank you card and the new version of the invitation.