Alpha Video - How can I loop the video? [Solved]


Hi Everyone

Im trying to create a looping water flow effect with a video file, but i’m having trouble knowing how to loop the footage. Im as far as finishing the Alpha Video tutorial link below, but i’m lost in knowing what I need to do to loop the footage.

Alpha Video Tutorial

This is my code from the tutorial. I tried adding a restart function, but that didnt work

Is it possible or is it something that can only be done with streaming a video. I did find some commands in the Z.Video option of the documentation. but i’m not a code wizard, so i’m not sure what Im doing with it or if its relevant.

Does anybody know?



If you put the downpour_mp40.restart(); line into your videoFinished function that should loop it.


Wow, thank you, Bradley.

That did the trick. I almost had it correct.