3d scanning from your phone


Hay I just saw this on-line the other day and wanted to share.
You can use your phone to scan a 3d of just about anything.




Great Steve, Thank you!!


Thanks for sharing Steve!

That’s some very impressive 3D scanning technology.

We’ve been playing around a little with the app with some decent results.

It’s a good idea to watch out for the poly count of the obj files produced however, as some scans produced models with a 300K+ poly count.

This could cause some issues with Studio as we generally recommend an upper limit of 100K polys for a whole experience.

In the meantime, feel free to post your findings as you experiment.

All the best,


I’ll defo be giving this a go! Thanks for the post Steve! I’ve tried some other apps before but they were pretty ■■■■, so will see what this one is like :slight_smile:

Will defo be keeping the poly count in mind, hopefully we can reduce it in our 3d apps. But before I speak more nonsense, let me give this a go first :slight_smile:

Take care guys

Edit: Dammit. Maybe it’s time that I invest in an iPhone