ZapWorks Studio crash


Hey there, it has been a while since Studio keeps crashing randomly.
Every few minutes Studio closes itself without any type of error printed (like someone press the exit button)
It started doing that few days before the Studio’s update (ver 6) and also with the latest version it keeps crashing
Studio is installed on a MacBook Air (13 inch, ver. Early 2015) with macOS High Sierra.
Can anyone help me?



Hi @aron.tessari,

This certainly sounds like a strange issue, it’s not one we’ve come across before.

Could you send through a screen recording of this issue over to for us to take a closer look please?



I cannot screen recording.
It simply closes itself without any warning at all.
I tryed with different projects but Zapworks studio crash with all of them


hey man : )


Hey @aron.tessari,

Apologies for the late reply.

It’s very difficult for us to tell what might be causing the issue as it seems specific to your system. It might be worth temporarily pausing any background processes you have running, including your antivirus/firewall before attempting to launch Studio again.

If the error continues please get in touch with

All the best,