Zapworks solar system

Looking for a helping hand here, I am tweaking the great solar system tutorial I need to add seven copies of the earth object (minus the moon) onto the same bezier circle this is easy to do except that they all follow a different path not on the actual bezier that is in the tutorial, its as if the attachment point is always locked (which it may be) I cannot locate a detailed explanation of how to edit this bezier or how I can add objects I wonder if George could assist. When I move the orbs on the bezier it seems to create a different path for the object relative to the bezier.

The earth objects will become satellites which is why I need them on the same circle. I am so close its just the orbit that I cannot get right, any assistance appreciated. The ‘adding an attachment point to a bezier’ does not help in this instance.

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Hi @eric.davies,

I’ve just posted a basic example project for multiple objects on the same bezier over on this thread:

Feel free to take a look as it seems it’s what you may be looking for. If not, let me know.

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Many thanks. Seb.

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