Zapper AR SDK for Playcanvas License

Hi Team,

I am from India and I am working on a marker based AR project. I am developing this using Playcanvas. If I use zapper “AR SDK for Playcanvas”, do I have to get a subscription from Zapworks? I am creating this for one of my clients. Can I use this for commercial projects for free? Please clarify.


Hi @sweetan008,

First of all, welcome to the ZapWorks Community! :tada:

We offer a 14 day Business Plan trial for you to evaluate whether our AR toolkit is right for you and your business. You should not use the ZapWorks free trial for public facing projects.

If you would like to use ZapWorks for commercial projects, you should switch to a paid plan.

We do also provide a free Hobby plan for personal use (i.e. non-commercial use). The Hobbyist workspace allows you to create five free projects and the ability to purchase additional ones.

For more information about our plans with a feature breakdown, please click here.

Have an awesome day,
Francesca :blush: