ZapparThreeJS sdk docs?


Hey there,

I’m looking for sdk docs, methods, properties, etc. available. I see them for the studio, but not for the JS sdks. For instance, I’m trying to figure out if there are properties telling me “how far” I am from an object I set down in UniversalAR, so that I can trigger JS based on “distance.”

Thanks! Love the platform.


Hi @mark3,

I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the platform!
We have Universal AR ThreeJS docs over at

What you’re trying to acomplish is to check the world position distance between the camera and a group, which is more of a three question rather than Universal AR. You can find THREE docs over at

Most three objects have a position Vector3 which is one way of working this out.
Vector3 comes with a handy utility function distanceTo which is prefect for this.

Getting tracker group’s location:
const trackerPosition = trackerGroup.getWorldPosition()
Getting camera’s location:
const cameraPosition = camera.getWorldPosition()

Using the two positions:
const distance = trackerPosition.distanceTo(cameraPosition)

I’ve created a sandbox demo which illustrates this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the response. This helps enormously.

Edit: got it.