Zapcode not working beyond preview mode


My preview Zapcode works correctly and can be read by my Android phone when the preview is generated via Designer… I published it, then downloaded the actual Zapcode for a print test and now I can’t read it via my Android phone…Am I doing something wrong in the process? Should I attempt a new zapcode? Does the old one need to be deleted if this is recommended?




Everything OK now, I realized that the Zapcode needs to be on the canvas for the zappar app to work, I was mistakenly thinking that the zapcode could be place by itself and be read by the zappar app. I guess the grab n go is the only option here…


Hi @abertaud,

Content in Designer is displayed tracked to the experience’s tracking image. By default, if no tracking image is set the content will be tracked to the zapcode itself.

We always recommend using a tracking image as it serves as both the call-to-action and the scannable target. You can find more details on creating and using a tracking image here.

If the Grab and Go functionality is enabled, the content will be displayed relative to the screen when the target is not in the device’s camera view.

Hope this helps.

All the best,