ZapBox Models not sticking to the ground


I am trying to build a test in zapbox but I have tried all the examples, calibrated the lens all according to the tutorials but the object does not appear fixed on the ground and it keeps jumping. What can I do?


I have had this frustration too. Are all of your targets in view at all times? I find that if you lose one, things sometimes get freaky.

Holding on tight for ZapWorks to come out with additional ways to track the world, as ARKit does. The devs say its coming, so … finger’s crossed.


Thanks Donnav. All my targets are in view but it is not sticking to anything… but I know it does because I am using the same zappar examples and files. So I must be doing something wrong…:wink:


Hi Milenne,

Would it be possible to send (to a screen recording of the issue you are experiencing so we can try to work out what is causing it?

Even without all point codes in view, the ZapBox map should still be built and assets should still track perfectly based on the point codes that are in view!

To answer your question about world tracking @donnav, we can’t say too much… but there are some very exciting things coming in the near future regarding this topic. :zipper_mouth_face: Keep holding on!

Hope this helps.
George :slight_smile:


@donnav George isn’t kidding when he says there are some very exciting things coming!!!