Z.device.playFullscreenVideo Issues


Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble with Z.device playFullscreenVideo function. I can’t seem to put a button overlay on to the video and I am unable to get any controls to pause, slide or exit. Also I cannot influence how the video responds at the end eg. stay on screen or exit.

Am I missing something?


Code after the usual declarations:

// Runs when Zapped
parent.on(“ready”, () => {

//Flag for Video
VideoState = 0;

//Play the Video
VideoFile = Z.device.playFullscreenVideo(“https://xyz/autoStart.mp4”); \example of the call link
// Run the Timeline to show the 4 Play buttons at the end of the autoStart Video
symbol.controllers.ButtonTimeline.elements.Show.play(); // buttons to appear from 20 seconds


// Runs when Play Button Pressed either from end of First Video or from jpg image
Play_Button1.on(“pointerdown”, (e) => {

VideoState = 1;

//First hide the buttons
//Run the Video
VideoFile = “https://xyz/Video1.mp4”; //example link to file


// Video Finished code *************************

Video_Player.on(“video:finish”, () => {
switch(VideoState) {
case 0 : {
//The video should stay on the screen with 4 overlay buttons at end
//these buttons activate other videos
//button 1 triggers a new video then returns to a poster image
case 1: {
symbol.controllers.VideoMode.elements.Hide.activate(); // Hide the video
symbol.controllers.PosterState.elements.Show.activate(); // Show the poster
symbol.controllers.ButtonState.elements.Show.activate(); // Show the buttons



Hey There Malcolm,

Is the pause,play e.t.c button not working even when you remove the button you put?

Also,I didn’t get what you are aiming for,Can you please elaborate it?




Sorry for the delay.

I want to have Video controls available when playing videos. The main video has placeholders for 4 buttons at the end, so I also want to overlay 4 buttons onto the end. These buttons trigger other videos.

Note on playFullsceenvideo the overlays/buttons do not come up. however they show when you remove the PlayfullscreenVideo component of the statement.

In terms of video controls I will need to check when I get back to the office. I will re post then



Malcolm when you use fullscreen video you are using the devices own video player not zappars. You only get the built-in controls based on your device. IE apple decides player looks different than a Androids.

There is NO on screen zappar controls for full screen video at this time.