xAPI and ZapWorks Studio


I am Multimedia/Instructional Designer, and I’m putting together a learning strategy. Several of our learning elements are outside of our LMS. Including some fun exercises that will be created in Zappar.
The learners experience can be recorded with experience API.

I would like to know if ZapWorks Studio supports experience API statements? These xAPI statements can be sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS). Which in turn can exist on its own or inside a Learning Management System (LMS).

I’ll post this to a feature request if the current ZapWorks does not support xAPI.


Can anyone answer this question?


Hi @robinC,

Currently there is no system in place to programme xAPI directly into Studio. It’s possible to fetch JSON from an external web address or API using the Z.getJSON(url, successFunc, errorFunc) function.

We do have our zapalytics that provides aggregated data in near real-time. That data can be segmented into all zapcodes, group of zapcodes or individual zapcodes which can be accessed from https://my.zap.works/zapcodes/ or exported as an CSV.

Hope this helps.