World tracking - reset placement


Hey there, I’ve been playing with world tracking and it’s looking great! Awesome work.

I’ve had a play around with trying to ‘reset’ the world placement so you can change where the object is placed, but with no luck so far. (Trying to change the state of the Ground Placement subsymbol on a pointerdown script - not sure if that’s the right way)

At the moment, I’m recanning the zapcode to put my objects somewhere else.

Is there something obvious I’ve missed in order to make a button which resets to the placement stage?


There are a few things I would like to change as well. Like the place button and help. Also it needs to at landscape and portrait mode enabled.



Hi both,

These are good questions :slight_smile: We’ll add a reset button as an option for the symbol. Note that you can customise the buttons (and the mechanics of the experience itself) by double clicking on the World Tracking Ground Placement subsymbol in the Symbol Definitions list on the right. It’s a wee bit complex in there so we’ll try to simplify that going forward.



Awesome, those additions would be great.

I did manage to create a sort of landscape mode by rotating the buttons, but the animation ended up a little whack… :joy: So I’m looking forward to a legit landscape mode!


Hi Connell,

best of all would be having a controller able to rotate and translate the tracked object locked to the detected plane, and a way to enable and disable that controller. (I am trying to do something similar)

in any case, Zappar/ZapStudio is IMPRESSIVE. Great job.