World Tracking Demo Broken

The demo from your most recent blog post is broken. I tried it on iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15.4, and the tracking/placing does not work, it is always oriented towards the camera and the scene is also drawn twice.
Once animated and rotation with the phone, once static and stuck to the center of the screen.


Probably everyone. for sure users on iOS 15.4


Hi @vrtxlabs,

Thanks for reporting. iOS 15.4 is officially classed as a beta build by Apple and it sounds like they might have introduced some issues on Safari.

The experience should work on all stable versions of iOS without issues. We will endeavour to make sure this bug isn’t apparent in any stable versions of our platform / stable versions of iOS (when deployed).

Not an easy workaround (if you’re already on iOS 15.4) but using a stable version of iOS should solve this.


Hi @vrtxlabs,

Looks like we’ve already found a fix! You can give it a try here - World Tracked Whack-a-Mole - PLAYCANVAS

We’ll update the link in the blog post.

Thanks again for reporting this!